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  • Dr.
    Applied Kinesiology, Clinic Director

    A specialist in Applied Kinesiology and holistic health care, Dr. Lipson combines the benefits of chiropractic care, neurology, nutrition, and body language to assist his patients in achieving maximum health. Incorporating the benefits of Applied Kinesiology allows for advanced detection of physiologic, structural, and nutritional imbalances, offering the necessary tools to correct those imbalances. Immediate changes can be detected and monitored, giving way to amazing results, often times.

    Dr. Lipson uses a whole person approach when treating his patients, by combining the very best hands-on techniques, state of-the-art procedures, and providing advanced nutritional supplements of the highest quality. Some of the professional grade products that Dr. Lipson incorporates in his treatments include; Standard Process, Biotics, Metagenics, Aerobic Life, HVS Homeopathic, Flora, Apex Labs, Harmony, Progressive Laboratories, Leafline, and more.

    Even with over 25 years experience treating thousands of patients, Dr. Lipson still feels like a student in the never-ending quest and privilege of helping others alleviate pain and disharmony to achieve optimum health.


    • 1982 Graduate of Life Chiropractic College 
    • Applied Kinesiologist since 1981 
    • Studied with Dr. George Goodheart the 'Father' of Applied Kinesiology


    • Licensed in Michigan and Arizona

    Memberships & Associations:

    • Century Club member, Michigan Association of Chiropractors 
    • BNI 
    • Director of Chiropractic Associates of Michigan since 1994 
    • Director of Medical Village Chiropractic Clinic, 1987-1994
  • Dr.

    Dr. Thomas Smith brings with him many years of experience and is passionate about wholistic health, nutrition and the complementary therapies, such as massage, that he incorporates into his treatment protocol.

    Dr. Smith was born and raised in the 'Downriver' suburbs of Detroit. After graduating from Grosse Ile High School, Dr. Smith went on to complete his undergraduate work at Northern Michigan University, Ferris State University and the University of Michigan. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from the National University of Health Sciences (National College of Chiropractic), which is the second oldest chiropractic school in the nation, and is considered the leader in the profession.

    He has been in practice since August, 1995. Certified with the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, he specializes in nutritional counseling and uses the Nutritional Response Technique, Nerve-Express and a nutritional exam to help identify nutritional needs. Dr. Smith incorporates massage, electric stimulation and ultrasound into his treatments, which are covered by some insurances. 

    Dr. Smith is married and has two children. Besides being devoted to his work, he is an avid fly fisherman, and enjoys sailing, skiing, golfing and many other outdoor activities.


    • 1985 Graduate of National College of Chiropractic 


    • Michigan, Colorado, and California

    Techniques Practiced: 

    • Diversified 
    • Flexion-distraction 
    • Activator
    • SOT


    • Michigan Association of Chiropractors