New Glulten- Free Goodies

posted: May 02, 2018.

I’m really excited to let everyone know that Chiropractic Associates of Michigan is now carrying a great line of gluten-free products.

They’re made by Sami’s Bakery in Florida, and our exclusive to our health center in the Warren area.

Right now, we have onion and sourdough bagels, pizza dough, brownies, come cookies and some great pita style chips. I don’t eat sugar, so my favorites are the bagels and chips. The bagels are best when toasted. And the chips…..I’m ADDICTED to them!

We have been sampling the for a few days, so stop in and taste while you can (let us know what you think).

Sami’s carries an extensive line of GF products, so if you are interested in anything specific, let us know. I order on Monday, and products arrive on Friday. We can also do special orders for you, as long as they go our with our regular order. Just remember, that any special product orders must be paid in full, in advance.

I’m looking forward to my onion bagel on Sunday morning topped with lox, tomato and lettuce. YUM!!!!