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    Insurance benefits for chiropractic care do not include payments for any preventive, maintenance or wellness care. As unfortunate and cost foolish as this may be, that is the policy of all health insurances. Insurance companies apparently would rather pay more for worsened health problems than to pay considerably less money for preventive, wellness care. What this means to you as a chiropractic patient: 

    • Treatments considered insurance eligible must be for active or rehabilitative chiropractic care only.
    • Treatments must be determined to be “medically necessary”.
    • Treatments must demonstrate a need for care and progress [improvement] must be shown and documented.

    Chiropractic insurance policies are primarily set-up to cover acute conditions, i.e. falls and various injuries, [events that occur] with limited short-term time requirements to resolve such conditions. Chronic conditions must be addressed with specific health improvement goals that are documented and demonstrated.

    Chiropractic Associates of Michigan offers WELLNESS CARE that goes beyond the limited care provided by health insurance companies. This WELLNESS CARE allows our patients to keep improving their health and to feel their absolute best! Allowing your spine to be at its best helps your brain and nervous system function optimally. Feeling better, thinking better, and performing better, living a rewarding healthy life can all be benefits of WELLNESS CARE!

    Chiropractic Associates of Michigan offers WELLNESS CARE payment plans.

    Ask about our $79.00 first visit payment and our Financial Plans

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